One Screenwriter’s Goals for the New Year:

Okay, so I won’t bore you with the list of New Year’s Resolutions, including the inevitable “eat healthier and exercise more.”

I’m a screenwriter, and my journey is to go from being a diligent student of the craft to a professional. I have never been paid to write. YET. This is the year.

I will…

1. Write Screenplays: Continue to get up at 4:50 and write from 5 – 7am Monday through Friday, along with additional hours where I can find them. Continue to meet deadlines, and build up my body of work.

2.  Blog: a short entry each day about whatever pops up in the writing process, or any industry-related topic on my mind that might be interesting to others. I WILL NOT use screenplay-writing time for blog entries or social networking.

3. Network: Join groups, show up for events, keep records of contacts, stay in touch and continue to make new contacts.

4. Interview Writers: I will keep a database of successful writers’ and how they got that way. I’m a terrible bowler, but I always knock down more pins if I watch someone get a strike.I may even find a mentor.

5. Writers’ Group: I’ve been talking about it with some people I know, and it is time to get it going.

6. Evaluate scripts for a professional membership I belong to, and anyone else who is willing to pay me for feedback. I’m cheap and thorough, and can usually get it done quickly, while providing clear, pertinent, helpful notes.

7. Read the trades, books, etc. and keep learning.

8. Watch everything I can, even if it’s not my favorite genre.

9. Keep records and monitor progress towards goals, weekly and monthly. Stay accountable.

That’s it; those are my goals to work towards getting paid as a screenwriter in 2012. Am I forgetting anything? It’s plenty to work on for now. Happy writing!

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I'm a recent graduate with an MFA in Writing and Producing Television. I'm also a mom with two kids and a hubby, a feminist and equal rights advocate. Lately, I've been obsessed with minimalism and I'm addicted to self-improvement

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