Victories and Goals

December 31, 2011

It’s been a relaxing week off, but I’ve still managed to get my writing hours in. True, I haven’t had to get up at five to do it. It’s crazy when sleeping until 6am feels like slacking! Reality check, Karen. Yet taking a nap at 2pm feels completely justified. Ah, well…

It’s New Years Eve, which is the perfect time to examine the past and plan for the future. You may notice I have a thing for the number nine.

Victories of 2010:

1. The first six months were spent slogging through several drafts of the still unfinished “Salai’s Secret.” That’s the current title of the original pilot I’ve been working on for two years. It has a nickname – SS.

2. Over the summer I took a break from SS to work on my spec for “The Vampire Diaries.” It was hard work, a lot of fun, and by September I finally had a finished script. Yes, it’s my first one, with three or four others in various stages of rewriting.

3. September through November saw another draft of SS, and another abandonment of the same.

4. December was for breaking down White Collar for the spec I am writing and learning the series backwards and forwards.

5. I finished a two-year class I was taking, learned a whole lot, and was invited to continue in a more advanced capacity with the school.

6. I learned to Network. Yes, me. I fearlessly marched up to a person I did not know, stuck out my hand and introduced myself. That was the first time I noticed the fear in other people’s eyes. And the relief they felt when someone else made the first move. Everyone is happy to get a chance to talk about themselves, and even happier to have someone listen to them. We all think the world revolves around us, after all. The secret to networking is to let it revolve around someone else for a while. It’s easier than we think.

7. I made some friends, learned that I know quite a few people in the industry, and started Social Networking (finally). I still think it’s a huge time-sucker, but I am willing to play the game. I also overcame my fear of the internet being written in indelible ink, so I could start this blog. I hope it helps someone. I always love to hear about people’s process and the concrete steps they take. I’m very practical, for a screenwriter.

8. Last March or April, I realized that if I were going to get my writing hours in every week, I’d need to get up at five and write before the interruptions and activity of the world took over my day. It’s been a struggle at times, but I’ve come back to it over and over. It’s the best decision I’ve made since I accepted I couldn’t teach myself to write screenplays from books. If I hadn’t taken that class back in 2009, I’d still be in Act One.

9. As a direct result of all of the above, I have let go of any fear or shame about calling myself a screenwriter.  If nothing else, getting up at 5am to write every day has earned me the title. In any company, I can hold my head high. If I met Quentin Tarantino or Nora Ephron tomorrow, I would introduce myself as a screenwriter. There was a time I was too embarrassed to say that to a neighbor.

Writing Goals for 2012:

I know, I already told you my New Year’s Resolutions. This is different.

1. Finish my White Collar spec by March.

2. Find a collaborator to help finish SS, or at least take it to some stage of completion by June.

3. Work on another spec over the summer (or, preferably, work as a writer for money), and finish it by September.

4. For the fall, I’ll choose between the indie feature that was my first script and needs a couple more drafts, or write the pilot for Showtime I’ve been kicking around.

5. Read and evaluate scripts for school, friends, experience and/or money. Learn something from every one of them. Give feedback in a positive, supportive way with honest recommendations about what each script needs to come together (in my opinion).

6. Try collaborating.

7. Meet deadlines, whether set by self, teacher or industry professionals. Show up, and show up some more.  Finish stuff.

8. Keep reading scripts, books, watching movies and TV and soaking up the industry. Make sure to take time out for living life and having new experiences.

9. Apply for Fellowships, jobs, agents, and put myself out there in every way I can think of. This is the year my career as a screenwriter begins.

In the meantime, Happy Writing!

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