TV’s Top Ten Hottest Couples of All Time

I wrote this up a while ago, but was recently reminded of it when I read a blog by “Bamboo Killers.” Just for fun, here’s my take:

10.       I Love Lucy – No matter how much trouble she got into, Ricky loved Lucy passionately and unconditionally. No Hottest TV Couples list would be complete without them.

9.         Starsky & Hutch – Paul Michael Glazer and David Soul both got plenty of action with the opposite sex, but the chemistry really sizzled during those intense male bonding sessions! Remember the one where Hutch was kidnapped by the bad guys who turned him into a junkie? Luckily Starsky was there to detox Hutch, hold him while he cried and hold his hair back while he puked!

8.         Beverly Hills 90210 – Sorry, Kelly, the real electricity crackled between Brenda and Dylan. I don’t care if she was hell to work with.

7.         Oz – Chris Keller and Tobias Beecher really rocked my world. So what if Keller was a deranged psycho who broke Beecher’s arms and legs? I forgive him.

6.         The O.C. – Ryan and Marissa? Yeah, they were cute, but the real action happened when Marrissa’s dark side collided with the surf-nazi, Kevin Volchok, played by the delicious Cam Gigandet – what can I say, I’m a romantic fool.

5.         Skins – Effie and Cook – Parentless children adrift on a sea of sex, drugs and painful reality, they find each other. Don’t even bother with the cancelled MTV version–it doesn’t begin to approach the mastery of the original BBC version.

4.         Moonlighting – David and Maddie – unfortunately, those incredible sparks never quite ignited once they got together, but before that they sure were hot together.

3.         Cheers – Frasier and Lilith – tricked you again. But weren’t they incredible together?

2.         ER – Dr. Doug and Nurse Carol – When it comes to those two, there’s no such thing as enough.

1.         Queer as Folk – Brian and Justin – they are both incredibly charismatic on their own, but put them on screen together, and this is one hetero soccer mom who can’t take her eyes off the screen!

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