There and Back Again: a Writer’s Tale

Last spring, immediately upon graduating from my MFA Program, I hopped in the car and drove from my home in New York City to Los Angeles. My plan was to submerge myself in the world of entertainment and look for any kind of work in the industry, hoping to form alliances and make contacts that […]

Television Writing and Producing MFA/Graduate School Pros and Cons

I’ve been thinking a lot about my grad school program, since I graduated last month. Over the course of the two-year MFA, I had many doubts about whether the program was going to help me launch a career in the entertainment industry. It was a lot of debt to take on, and I honestly never […]

Contemplations on the Whiteboard

Recently I re-watched the fascinating documentary Showrunners: The Art of Running a TV Show which can be found on iTunes here. It’s a good documentary for TV writers, especially, and TV lovers may also enjoy learning about what goes on behind the scenes. As I watched, one of the things I couldn’t help notice was […]

Gender Portrayals in Crime Dramas through the History of Television

Note – This is a research paper I did for my Television and Culture Class back in August 2014. At about 2500 words, it’s long. Although television has evolved in many ways since the 1950s, there is one genre of programming that never goes out of style: the Crime Drama. Each decade has brought us […]

Here’s what I’ve been up to . . . what are you watching?

Masters of Sex Ray Donovan True Blood Vicious Covert Affairs The 100 (in reruns!) Suits Graceland Rush Satisfaction – I gave up on this one Marvel’s Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. Last Tango in Halifax – I like it but its too heavy for me right now Series on Netflix and Amazon: The Killing House of Cards […]