How Old is Too Old?

I was around forty when I received the gift of a dream: to be a paid screenwriter on a fabulous television drama. But first, I had to learn the craft. Of course I had the usual misgivings about being too old to start something so difficult, and what a tough industry it is. But my […]

The Decision I Make Every Day

When I first took screenwriting classes, I was expected to meet deadlines on outlining tools and drafts. It was impossible for me to schedule the work, because I hadn’t figured out how long things took, and I was constantly getting lost in my own perfectionism/procrastination cycle. So the deadlines would come and go, and I […]


The best days are the days we get to write. It flows, and the time allotted flies by. Those are the days we leave the computer wishing for more time, longing for the moment we can return. We think about it all day, and even sometimes write in our sleep. Those moments of reverie between […]

“Thinking that way…”

I have this teacher who occasionally tells me, “I’m glad you’re thinking that way…” When I hear that, I know he’s saying I’m tuned in to the industry. To what’s hip and what’s happening. Just a few moments ago, I read the Page Awards eZine in which there is an article by John Truby. He […]

Victories and Goals

December 31, 2011 It’s been a relaxing week off, but I’ve still managed to get my writing hours in. True, I haven’t had to get up at five to do it. It’s crazy when sleeping until 6am feels like slacking! Reality check, Karen. Yet taking a nap at 2pm feels completely justified. Ah, well… It’s […]

Small Victories

December 29, 2011 The second day of my blog, and I already have a success to report! Okay, it’s not a very big one, but I made it to the quarter-finals of a contest I entered. Since it was my first TV spec, and the first screenplay I actually finished (if there is such a […]