Original Pilot Scripts:

Cooking for Mephistopheles – Work in progress

Logline: When a young and green, female FBI agent goes undercover with the Cooks, then falls for their ruthless leader, she must decide between the ruthless crime family who embraces her and the corrupt FBI.

Better, Worse, Different

Logline: Better Worse Different is a one-hour drama about life in New York City’s 12-step community and the funny and tragic challenges the members face when they venture out in the “real world.”

Human Spark

Logline: After the global warming apocalypse, coastal West Virginia has become one of the last habitable places on earth. When a Scientist and her techie best friend return to Earth with dreams of settling down, the village is occupied by alien oppressors and she becomes the leader of the rebellion to save the human race from extinction at the hands of their leader, the talent thief.

Television Specs:

The Americans

The Vampire Diaries

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