Cooking for Mephistopheles


Hour-Long Drama Onesheet

By Karen O’Connor

Logline: When a young and green, female FBI agent goes undercover with the Cooks, then falls for their ruthless leader, she must decide between the ruthless crime family who embraces her and the corrupt FBI.

Christine Flynn is a frustrated analyst at the FBI. She knows everyone has to pay their dues to move up, but she longs for the day when she will become a field agent. Judging by the way her bosses ignore her at work, she despairs that day may never come.

One night, after a particularly grueling day spent mulling over real estate reports on the new concert stadium they’re building on the West Side, she goes out for a drink and meets a tall, alluring stranger who lets her think he’s a bartender. When he takes her back to his place, however, it’s clear from his fabulous penthouse that he’s much more than that. She doesn’t care. She’s happy to have met someone she can connect with, and spends the night with him, hoping for the chance to see him again.

The next day at the FBI, Christine is shocked to be whisked off to a meeting with the higher-ups, who tell her the man she spent the night with was none other than Jackie Mulligan, the notorious real estate developer and suspected leader of the Cooks, the Irish Mob in Hell’s Kitchen. In addition to bidding on the development deal for the new stadium, Mulligan has interests in the local labor unions and racketeering, and was probably involved in the disappearances of key political and influential figures in recent history. Fearing a mob takeover on the development deals, the FBI sends Christine undercover with the Cooks, some of the most violent gangsters in history, to stop them from gaining control over the stadium contracts.

As she infiltrates the mob and learns the ins and outs of the Mulligan family business, she falls deeply in love with Jackie and is welcomed into his family. As she feeds information to the FBI, her position becomes even more difficult when she learns of financial gains to the government agencies who also seek to control the stadium. When the trail of corruption leads her back to the FBI, Christine must make a choice between the man she loves and the agency she believes in. As the boundaries between right and wrong blur, Christine is in constant danger. At any moment, she could be exposed as a spy or killed. But the greatest peril Christine faces is the loss of her own identity.

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